Reforms, reforms, reforms

Reforms, reforms, reforms. . . .

This is what all the world is telling me to do.

Stick to the reforms and we are here to support you.

You are wrong, we are right. Do what we tell you and we will provide the necessary credit lines

Apparently, what has been done in Greece the last 25 years, was totally wrong. There is no question about that. And as a Greek, I can admit it.

But where are we heading with all these reforms?

Economy is heading to a recession, for 5th straight year.

Unemployment is already above 20%

54% of young people, are unemployed.

Criminality records are growing day by day.

People don’t have money even to cover their basic living needs.

More and more schools are declaring incidents of students getting thinner and thinner every day, simply because their parents cannot provide proper feeding on them.

And I am wondering,

Is this what is all about?

Is this the European Union we all dreamed about?

Is this the future we all want for us and our children?

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