Screw Greece or Help Greece?

One thing is certain today: what is happening in Greece now is wrong and to the opposite direction.

The nation, is running to the 5th year of recession, 2,5 m people live below the poverty level, 1,5 m people are unemployed, 54% of the young people have no job and practically no one sees an exit to the tunnel. If this is a nation, someone to confirm it please.

It is true that there have been made many and many mistakes in the past. It is true also that Greece is in this position due to a crisis that started some years ago over the other side of Atlantic and for which, Greece was never directly involved (through its public sector, banks etc).

Now Greece has to live with the consequences of this crisis, to adopt more and more tougher, austerity measures and of course, of course, to make reforms.

After 3 years, someone would expect to see some real reforms taking place, but so far nothing!

If Europe, IMF, ECB or whatever other authority really needs to help Greece, there is only one way: Restart the Public Sector!

For those that don’t know:

Greek public sector employees the insignificant number of 850.000 employees! Find me one nation in the world, with similar like Greece population, to have the same number of public employees.

Public Sector is the biggest shareholder in every single company in Greece. Simply count the direct / indirect taxes on corporate and individual level to make the sum.

People are getting hired by the state not because the state really needs them, but only because some politicians, ministers etc have many favors to do!
Who can image that on 2009, just a few days before the elections, a state organization increased its working force from 73 employees to 269 employees and all of these during a weekend? This is nothing compared to the thousands of hiring that the 2 main political parties have accomplished over the last 30 years.

Unlike the rest of the world, Greek state employees never get fired or never get in jail. In fact, they never get punished simply because there is no one to check them.

Who knows that by law, no prime minister or minister can face a court even if there are significant evidence for wrong doing, bribery, and issues like that? The time allowed by the law for such juridical procedures is so low that practically leaves no room for that.

Who knows the soccer system of 40-40-20? Well, when tax authorities come to check you, the total penalty in case of wrong doing is decreased by 40% (discount), 40% is given under the table to the inspectors and 20% returns only to the state. On the face of lower revenues, the state takes more measures by increasing tax ratios and of course the value of the penalties. But then again, 40-40-20 comes into place so the government takes new measures creating practically a spiral, endless effect.

Even if your company is totally clear and transparent, you still have to pay as the tax inspectors cannot return with empty hands to their tax authority.

You want to fix that? Announce tax amnesia and allow all these cases to come on surface. But this cannot be done as the system is so corrupted and so many people, at different managerial levels are involved.

Not to mention about the scandals with well known European conglomerates that came into the surface the last 3 years. You want to find? Googleee it.

The list can be endless but is not the point of this opinion.

Practically, Europe has to make a big choice:

To Help Greece by concentrating and fixing on the problem which has a name and is called the “The Beast Public Sector”.

To Screw Greece by not touching the problem and quitting from any financial aid.

Financial aids with tougher austerity measures do nothing to solve the problem and giving a long term developing outlook for Greece. The Greek people understand the necessity of the austerity measures but up to a level: till the time that some light will be shown on the tunnel.

Unfortunately and after 3 years of measures and measures no light is shown, no real reform takes place, nothing has been done that gives some potential perspective.

This is sad as much as it is sad to see Europe to back the 2 main parties that governed the country for the last 30 years and which are mainly responsible for the current situation. How someone expects the Greek people to struggle even more themselves when Europe is backing up those responsible for what is Greece today?

If that is the case, then better Screw Greece and Greeks will find their way to fix the problem, the state, the economy and of course, to repay their debts!


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