Be Afraid. Be Very AFRAID!!!!!

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If you summed up nearly everything Greek voters are being told ahead of the 2nd round of elections on Jun. 17, the title of this entry is basically what they’re being told. The global markets are concerned about the possible win of SYRIZA, a left wing party that vows to throw out Greece’s bailout memorandum and start fresh with a new plan to ease the economic pain delivered by those cuts and taxes.

Politicians of the “dikomatismo” or PASOK and ND parties that have governed Greece since the dictatorship ended in 1974, are telling Greek voters that SYRIZA and its leader, 37-year-old Alexis Tsipras, are dangerous for Greece and will lead Greece back to the Drachma is elected. This sentiment backed up heavily by EU leaders who by the sound of their statements on the subject sound almost threatening to Greek voters saying in essence “you better not try to fight us on this or you…

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