How the World Economy Changed in one Month

Global manufacturing remained deeply depressed in Europe and much of the developed world, even as North America largely showed strength this May, new data out of Markit Economics shows.

The firm released PMI readings for some two dozen countries over the past twenty-four hours, with large declines across the euro area, as powerhouses like Germany succumbed to regional weakness.

Notable readings:

  • U.S.: 54.0 in May, down from 56.0
  • Canada: 54.7 in May, up from 53.3
  • U.K.: 45.9 in May, down from 50.2
  • Eurozone: 45.1 in May, down from 45.9
  • Spain: 42.0 in May, down from 43.5
  • Italy: 44.8 in May, up from 43.5
  • China: 48.4 in May, down from 49.3
  • Japan: 50.7 in May, flat with 50.7

Below we present two maps. First, the world map updated with revised May PMI results. You’ll notice the sea of red in Europe has deepened, while growth in the rest of the world was tepid at best.


Eric Platt/Business Insider



And the second, with April PMI figures.


April PMI

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