Is this the Europe we dreamed? 30.000 children drop out school every year to enter the labor market

Οι οικογένειες των περισσοτέρων από τα παιδιά αυτά ζουν υπό συνθήκες απόλυτης φτώχειας
Sadness and worries create the fact that according to outstanding data, every year 30,000 children in Greece leave school to work and support financially their families.

Speaking on Hellenic National Television, George Moschos and Aristomenis Syngelakis, head of the Institute of Child Health, emphasized that the increase in school drop-outs is up to 30,000 children a year (mostly ages 16-17 years).

This fact, in combination with the rapid growth of youth criminality as well as the growing intensity of uninsured child labor, compose the triangle to infringe upon the rights of the child.

The families of most of these children live in absolute poverty so the choice to leave school and go to the labor market to survive, is virtually a must.


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