Germans Are `Champions of Pessimism’ – Say Italians


Only one in ten Germans believe the next generation can expect a better life than their parents, according to a Boston Consulting Group survey picked up by Die Welt – the survey elicited the most negative responses in ten years, according to the report. Interestingly, Die Welt’s report was followed by Italy’s Repubblica, whose headline trumpets: “Germans are the champions of pessimism.” But then they would – the graphic Repubblicapublishes shows Italians are a little more cheery than Germans about their future.

Indeed, the more indebted European countries, including Spain and the U.K., seem to be more optimistic overall about the long-term outlook. There is a chicken-and-egg argument to be had here over whether this optimism led them into debt or whether, on the contrary, it’s their spending spree that has tinted their outlook.

However, Die Welt does manage to highlight one element of optimism in the German view, saying “the sky over Germany still has the brightest spots”: almost 40 percent of Germans think the economy won’t improve in the next few years. They make the point that this is optimism, compared with 52 percent of French, 51 percent of Spaniards and 46 percent of Italians who see no likelihood of the economy improving.

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