Who Really Wants Out of The Euro?


Bloomberg/Kostas Tsironis

Most Greeks agree with the G-8 leaders who asked the country to stay in the euro after their meeting in the U.S. over the weekend, according toMetroscopia in El Pais. For all the talk of a Greek exit from the European common currency, such a prospect is only supported by 22 percent of Greeks – 78 percent reject that idea. In fact, a larger number of Spaniards would like to return to the peseta than there are Greeks who want the drachma back: 27 percent of Spaniards would rather see their country leave the euro zone than stay within the bloc, Metroscopia says.

 The Greeks may be closer to being forced out of the common currency than the Spaniards, but they are less willing to leave – if this inverse relationship were true for all euro members, those who would most like to leave are probably those who least need to: the Germans.


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