What the Germans did to Greece




  1. I would be interested to fully understand what you are fully getting at by posting this without comment or context?


  2. http://books.google.gr/books?id=2UEEAAAAMBAJ&pg=PA21&hl=el&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=2#v=onepage&q&f=false


    Thanks for the kind comment. I am not trying to get something, although I don’t know if you want you to get something or comment to something. History is history, it has been written, so what further additional comments to make.

    Perhaps, you would like to check all the Report in Life Magazine at that time and particularly p26 about the effects in the economy.

    Retrieving in history is not a bad idea at all. Unless we pretend that we can forget about it and try to forget what happened.

  3. Ha, I found that on Google Books and was going to link to it myself, but then just didn’t because I was on my device and it would have been tricky. I completely understand your point – it is important to look back at history to help us make sense of the present. Sometimes though, that history needs to be put into context by the person presenting it. There were motivations for you to post what you found, and I was just wondering what they were, if they were beyond just the sharing of an important point in the past.

    When I initially saw this post without comment though, I wondered if you were attempting to get at “Old dogs, new tricks” type of thing because one thing I see time and again is many people throughout the world still holding present-day Germany responsible for something (horrible) it did at the hands of a calculating Austrian. While I think it is very important to learn about and talk about WWII and the atrocities that happened leading up to and during that war, I often get the impression that these people who seem to still be holding present-day Germany responsible for atrocities of this time are doing so rather unfairly. Much of the modern day Germany who must still be held responsible are people who did not even exist as sperm or eggs (ei, the young people, 20-30 somethings) during WWII. They have been taught their whole life in school and society what an atrocity was committed then, but are the subject of bad Nazi jokes and other comments about German power, which always seem to lead back to the horrible acts and events of WWII.

    I don’t know if I am being clear enough here, and I hope you know that I am not naive either. I understand that there are still people in Germany and Europe (and the world) who believe that Hitler was right and those people can be dangerous, but what about the many Germans who do not believe that but are practically hit over the head with the past in news and popular culture outside of Germany. Who don’t take the time to understand that Germany today is more complex than being the once evil center of actions to remove any ‘unfavorable’ people from Europe. I would argue that, what I have seen and learned while living here is that Germans have a complex about this now which in a way has stunted them in a way. They don’t want to be seem as being in any way sympathetic to Nazi beliefs in any way shape or form, so they are very careful to generally disassociate themselves from anything that was ever related to it. Yet it is the rest of the world and their ignorance of Germany since the war and modern day Germany that keeps relating the Germany of today to the old evil Germany.

    I understand that this does not apply to every reader out there, but it is such a simple jump to make that it is likely the first and potentially the only one people might/do make about Germany (Germany = Power = Nazis). Again, I hope I am being clear enough for you to understand my point, I hope I am.

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