Greeks Livid Over Incendiary Letter In German Newspaper

Following Financial Times in Germany, it’s now turn of Bild in Germany to interfere in such a provocative and radical way in Greek Elections.

Providing that the translation below is correct, I can reassure Bild that the Greek people for sure will not vote today any of the “clowns” that put Greece in thissituation today.

Two “clown” parties, which for the last 25 years, have ruined the political life, have corrupted the public sector and have made billions of fortunes due to several economic scandals that brought on the surface the last 4 years.

Tomorrow, a new day is raised and thanks for reminding that it’s time to take our fate in our hands”.


Sunday’s Greek election is going to be incredibly close, as the establishment conservative candidate Samaras does battle with the radical left-winger Alexis Tsipras, of the SYRIZA party.

Any late shift could tip things, and tonight in Greece there’s buzz about an open letter to the Greek people in the newspaper Bild, which basically says: Dear Greeks, who you choose tomorrow is your choice, but it’s us Germans who keep your ATMs filled with Euros, so be careful which clown you pick.

If you choose not to honor your commitments, no more Euros from Germany.

Anyway, this is being talked about quite a bit, and you can probably figure how a letter from a right-wing German newspaper is going over. Suffice to say… it’s not going to make anyone vote for the conservative.

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