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wall of controversy

Dear Greeks,

You are a proud people, a proud nation. Tomorrow you have yet another set of elections.

You say: We’re free. Bild says: It’s in your hands. There is a difference. If you did not want our billions, it would have been fine by us for you to vote for any leftists or rightist clown you wanted. But for over two years now, the situation is like this:

Your ATM’s continue to give you euros, only because we put them there, the Germans and the other nations that have the euro. Yet you still call us Nazis, which we do not fine funny. But anyway.

But let’s be clear on this:

If the elections are won by parties that want to put an end to austerity and reform, breaching every agreement, we will stop paying. The agreement was: you fix your country and meanwhile we will help you. If…

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