If anyone thinks for one minute that there isn’t a private competition among the elite financiers and investment bankers, about who can speak in the most arcane, cultivated, scholarly and lettered style, you haven’t been listening to Goldman-Sax bankers lately:

Goldman’s Themos Fiotakis and Huw Pill, doing their best Bernanke and Greenspan imitations, made the following comments yesterday about the Greek election:

“Overall, Greece will remain a source of uncertainty due to its macro-dynamics. The country is undergoing extreme economic pressures that are likely above and beyond austerity; prolonged uncertainty have led to a multi-year suppression in confidence and a collapse in credit growth, which has helped compressed the private sector, create supply shortages and has contributed to the lack of investment or privatization efforts, higher structural unemployment and persistent inflation currently observed. Unless this uncertainty of tail events is lifted over Greece, moderate solutions will be prone to…

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