– Greece –


You can see why the primary colours of Greece are blue and white…
below is the view from the middle of Santorini, one of the highest spots, conveniently also a winery where we spent a few hours sampling the local grape!


View from Santos Wines, the middle of the island, the top of the hill.

The hills of Santorini are speckled with white stucco buildings which looks, from afar, oddly like white stone outcrops.  We stayed at Perissa Beach, in an incredibly cheap hostel that cost less than a single meal, a few minutes’ walk from the black pebble shores.  Our morning ritual included walking to the beach before the sun kicked in, taking a dip and lazing on the many beach chairs under the straw umbrellas, happily reading until a magical hour when a man would appear and demand payment for the use of his facilities, at which point we would run away.  It was too hot by then, anyway.  You risk…

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