Newborn Blue Design

Laskarina brochures 1982-1997
In various guises, I worked on the Laskarina Holidays brochures from 1982-1997

The ‘brain child’ of Ian and Kate Murdoch, Laskarina Holidays was held in high regard, by the travel industry and clients alike. Their ‘No holds barred’ honesty brought a refreshing change to the Greek Island holiday market. The ‘And now for some of the things the others don’t tell you’ section was often a revalation, and a source of amusement at the same time. Ian and Kate were a pleasure to work for and their passion for what they were doing sucked you in.

I first started working with Ian and Kate, under the banner of ‘Out of the Blue design Services’, in 1982 and continued the association until 1997, when Ian and Kate took a step back from the business and brought in Ghislain Charles Sireilles, from Simply Travel.

Laskarina goatThe meticulous attention to detail, and the rye…

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