Analytical Perspective on Economics

Almost every leader of the countries in the Europe who are under Economic stress would grieve against Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany for her decision to not pass the deal to make a joint Euro bond any time sooner. As of now, the leaders of France, Italy, Spain and Greece etc has identified the Eurobond creation as one of the smartest move in saving the Euro zone from the spreading crisis. Certainly, the pumping of Eurobonds in the world market would inevitably relieve Italy and Spain from their rocketing interest rate on their latest public lending (Spanish bonds reached 6.8% for its 10 years bond which is close to 7% or something analysts term as the signal of crisis). Therefore, almost everyone from banking, politics and other sectors who are vulnerable to European failure would loathe on Mrs. Merkel’s so-called suicidal decision to prevent joint Eurobond. No wonder, various European…

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